Pleasure in business? Girlfriend, I never thought you’d ask.

Taking care of your whole self (yes, at work too) isn’t a luxury, it’s your right.

Ready to shine bright? You are a diamond  The most sought after and sexy substances on earth, brilliant in your clarity and cuts. But becoming a diamond wasn’t easy. The gemstone’s transformation involved high pressure and unbearable heat, a revolution at the hardest, most painful point.

Sounds like entrepreneurship, doesn’t it?

Are you struggling to survive year one and stress is manifesting in your body, energy or earnings? Or your business is doing great and you’re ready to step into success, but fears and doubts hold you back. Perhaps your love life fell apart and depression set in, so you’re not fully engaged with clients (while standing in the debris of a broken relationship).

Fear. Uncertainty. Unparalleled challenges. You might be dulling your own sparkle (read: refusing to take a lunch break – because you’re swamped at work – and binging at dinner to overcompensate for the stress and starvation).

Or dulling your oomph (read: dying inside instead of killing it in business). Perfectionism isn’t an asset, it’s the kiss of death. Fear and analysis-paralysis create helplessness. Murky boundaries and attempts to please everyone leave you neglected. Stop beating yourself up and weighing your business down.

Because what you think and how you feel about yourself changes everything. When you don’t nurture one area of your life, it shows up all over holding your perceptions and business hostage. Yep, your blocks are keeping you broke. The dream business you’ve worked so hard to create is rooted in your heart, and it needs complete freedom, no restrictions. And definitely no limits.

I’m Susan-Jane Rome I help women align – body, mind and soul so they can be their strongest, baddest be-your-own-bosses. Selfish? It won’t exist in your vocabulary! Because when you prioritize, put your needs first, success naturally flourishes. Your radiance shines on everyone, everywhere, through the darkness!

Teaching you business and pleasure can intermingle in the hottest way possible.

Ready to heal your flaws and show your best angles?

Baby, you’re one step away from making that happen!

“Susan Jane rocked my world ! This is crazy profound.” – Angie Smith

Mindset + soul. Working as a health and fitness coach helped me realize working out can be a way into your body or to avoid your body, to welcome your feelings or to avoid your feelings. Lots of women believe that having a different body means having a different life and so the desire to be fit becomes an attempt to physically address inner issues: wounds, fears, pain, self-destructive behaviors and self-rejection – feeling unlovable or unloved. Not enough.

I studied and learned and grew into a deep understanding of wholeness, coupled with a profound intuitive ability, a 6th sense. Yup, I’m an empath.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve gone through storms, deep grief, depression, tangled relationships, heart-break, self-criticism and self-rejection. I freed myself from all of these cycles and addictions. I learned how to love myself, to care for myself. To blossom in confidence.

Now I use my experiences to make you and your business unbreakable from the inside out. It’s time you make peace with your past, heal blocks and break through resistance, so you have personal and financial freedom, loving the business you’ve painstakingly created.

No more thinking you need to earn love, respect, and approval. No more mediocre.

This transformation will make you the very best version of yourself, and your business (and clients) will thank you for it (seeing your sparkle wherever they go).

Loves, it’s time to get out! To get free and live your dreams. Because our time on Earth isn’t certain, and it’s too damn short to pretend otherwise.

Your time is now.

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