Hi, I'm Susan-Jane and i'm here to tell you....I know YOU are born for greatness.

My mission is for you to step out of the shadows and into the Light.
let's talk, it's time

are you radically aligned?

I’m a radically aligned woman #raw

And I want to show you how you can be a #RAW too

But it’s not about my results. That’s a marketing tactic.

It’s about MY CLIENTS RESULTS. How much are my clients making is the question. What has working with me contributed to THEM?

That’s what matters.

Don’t get caught in the hype and blinded by the bling (which isn’t always real even). I know – I’ve had clients come to me who appear to be rocking it, who don’t have clients.

Or who have gotten into debt hiring ‘high end’ coaches, with no results.

Dig deeper. You deserve better.

I am devoted to #RadicallyAligningWomen so they do get the results they deserve.

That’s what it’s about. Not closing a sale or hitting an income goal.

#RAW #WomenEmpoweringWomen #TheRippleEffect #Lovewarrior


If the push, the hustle, the struggle isn’t in alignment with who you are, it won’t work for you.

You may have found that out.

Embrace your truth.

Live your love.

Lead with heart.

Allow yourself to bloom into your full power and potential.

Get #RAW #RadicallyAlignedWomen

Who is SJR?

I’m a coach and mentor of 28 years working with female coaches and entrepreneurs to root out their blocks, master their psychology, and identify then monetize their zone of genius so they can live lives of freedom and make major impact.

My clients say, across the board, that the only description for my work is “magic.”

I’m the ultimate coach’s coach.

Originally from South Africa, I now live in Manhattan, New York one block from Central Park, with my toy poodle Madiba (who I adore).

I’m devoted to God, being of service, and leading a Revolution of #RadicallyAlignedWomen #RAW.

you’re in safe hands

i’m unshockable. yes, really. 

I’ve worked with literally 1000’s of women over almost three decades and get the results they signed up for. There isn’t anything you can say that would shock me, or cause me to judge you.

I love fiercely, serve with integrity, lead with heart, and share my brilliance authentically. And generously.

I’m trained in a wide variety of modalities, including psychology, coaching, drug and alcohol counseling, reiki, personal training, acting, neuro-linguistic programming, the Alexander Technique, Pilates, bioenergetics, core energetics, and more.

All of this knowledge, skills and experience honed over the last quarter of a century helps my clients align on ALL levels: body, mind and soul. I’m the creator of the Rome Technique, a psychophysical brain training technique that teaches the art of living, mindfulness and practical manifestation.

Rome Bodies LLC, my private practice, has sustained itself in New York City for 28 years with ZERO advertising and has drawn top creators and business people including James Gandolfini and the NEXT Model Agency.


My mission is for you to step into the Light and achieve YOUR greatness.  So when you work with me I stay with you.  I hold your hand.

Will I challenge you? Absolutely.
Will I believe your BS? No.
Will I lead you to yourself? Yes. Without question.

My guarantee is that you will not be left behind. No explanation. No rationalization. Do the work. Show up. You will get results.

My confidence is borne of my uncanny ability to pinpoint the precise places my clients are stuck – the ones they can’t even see themselves – and creating the only space safe enough for them to crack open and truly break through.

#RAW Community

Join a generous community of heart-centered female entrepreneurs who support and celebrate each other. Giving and receiving guidance, tips, and advice. Join us!


#RAW 1:1 Coaching

Claim your freedom. Get empowered, make the changes you long for. Own your full desires and get what you want whether it’s money, mindset, body, career or relationship.



I don’t care what your business is, even a healer like me, we need Susan on our team.

Jennifer Jiva

Business Mentor

I didn’t have any hesitation about working with Susan-Jane Rome as she came highly recommended. I wasn’t sure I was willing to spend the money on myself though.

In learning about myself I felt empowered. I also grew a deeper respect for what my mind and body has endured for me and what I am capable of, which in turn has allowed for more self-love. I was challenged in ways that I haven’t been before physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have and will continue to highly recommend her.

Susan has a gift. What she does for work is who she is, there is no separation. She is committed to her own journey and to her client’s journey. She gives all of herself and holds you to the same standard.

Jenn Munley

Working with Susan is nothing short of mind-boggling. She uses her various, intangible senses to move you on so many levels: she’s a guide, an artist, a Godsend, a divine friend, and the embodiment of what’s real.

I truly believe that her work is what we are all longing for, probably without even being able to name it: a way to be guided securely and gently yet directly to that place we don’t want or know how to enter alone. That place that feels scary on the outside but is where all the treasure lives. That place that’s NECESSARY, not optional, to explore if you truly want to live in the present, in your truth, in integrity (through our work I’ve discovered what this really means), clearly, truly, in alignment with your purpose, gifts, and message.

Run, do not walk, to hire this woman.

Valerie Bisharat

Nutrition and Fitness Coach

If you haven’t had a call with Susan yet, make it a priority to do so. Find the time and work out the details. She is magic.

I know other women are saying it, but it’s the truth. Profound doesn’t even begin to describe her technique. She has been a coach for 28 years and is a  Master at this. When I finished with my session with her on Tuesday, my face was glowing. I am shedding the old stories, one at a time.

Even if you have ALL of your shit together, you still have got to find a way to work with her.

Esther Grondahl

Social Media Manager

I chose to work with Susan-Jane because I was lost, scared, and stuck. I knew what I wanted to be doing in my life and business but there was a wall between where I was and where I wanted to be.

In the time I worked with Susan-Jane she made me look at things from a different perspective to see the different ways of doing and being. As hard as it was, Susan-Jane made sure that I understood how I was limiting myself and what I was using to hold myself back. I’ve been able to leave my past experiences in the past, with a clearer vision of my future and how to make it happen thanks to her!

Ann-Marie Sosnowski

Confidence + Mindset

Thank you, Susan-Jane Rome! You are the real deal!

Not only are you able to look into my situation you also are able to give practical steps that address the root cause of what I am currently going through. You have a knowing without even having too many details. Your work is totally aligned with your intuitive ability.

Lana Villalobos

Working with Susan-Jane during our session was a revelation. It sent me into a space within myself where I connected with pieces I didn’t even know were missing. That I didn’t even realize I had disconnected from. From a wisdom that is so intricately entwined with who I am and how I show up in the world.
The wisdom she connected me to has spoken to me in tongues for days. In whispers and gasps. Crying to me in the night because of the relief of finally feeling connected.

My body, my presence, my real self, all entwined in a way I had never fully recognized and had denied myself.

Dr. Ashlee Greer


See, it’s funny – even though I help my beautiful, amazing clients getting to their roots, their cores, EACH of us not only deserves but also needs that support and help for ourselves. In our journeys, in our paths – as we uplevel, as we get to that next layer, as we step up and the Universe asks Us…Are You Ready??

So, thank you, so much, Susan-Jane, for being that next step for me.

Christa Norris

Intuitive Energy Healer + Powerful Biz Coach

I had not shared with her my story, and yet, she asked me to do in spirit, something I had just done the night before in the physical. She asked me questions that on the surface, were easy answers, but the surface is not where this lady lives. She kept digging until my subconscious opened up–and what beautiful music that created between us.

I’m not the trusting type, but after just minutes with Susan, I knew my soul was safe. She helped me identify, integrate, and heal one of my deepest soul wounds-one I was not even aware of until that day. It was one of the most profound moments my soul has experienced.

Michelle Pendergrass

Intuitive Life Coach



Conscious Creation. Conscious Business - Income. Influence. Impact.

When experience, expertise, and excellence align with values and vision the sky’s the limit.

(Not really, our minds are.)