Just like when you’re driving in your car, we all have blind spots. The things we can’t see about ourselves. Or can’t see clearly.


It could be your way of thinking that’s causing the issue, or past unresolved trauma, or childhood patterns, beliefs, and programming.

I used to feel stuck all the time. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I realized we have 2 choices.

  1. Live like this
  2. Go inside, with a guide with expertise who could see what I couldn’t.

We can’t see clearly until we have a mirror to reflect back at us,  just like we can’t see the back of my our head.

We can struggle on our own, but a good coach is like a mirror, reflecting back to us. And the best coach is one who leads you to  a new perspective and a change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

A great coach will even give you a sense of humor about yourself.

Though you may know what to do, you can’t or don’t do it. Because you’re stuck. Together lets remove that block and expand what’s possible for you.  Creating change. Stop talking and focusing on your problems. Getting solution, rather than problem, oriented.

Discover what stands between you and your wisdom, clarity, and compassion, especially compassion for yourself.

It’s very powerful.