I have been in labour for many months with this.
Not in reaction to, or a female version of patriarchal oppression. I have no interest in being guided by old rules. Neither in reaction to them.
Nor in opposition to them.
Nor in participating with them.

I’m talking a whole new paradigm. That doesn’t contain the energy of what has been. We’re evolving.
And let’s be honest, it didn’t really work. It wasn’t born of love or a desire to serve. Rather, it was built on fear and oppression. Control, a step-child of fear.
And Lack. The absence of Unity Consciousness
So we’r not looking at version of flowing into it. Or working with it.
We’re not breaking down walls.

We’re building a new world.

IT’S NOT CLAIMING “You’re enough. Know you’re enough. Own your value. You deserve it.”I heard someone earlier going on about; “You deserve…”
NO! YOU DON’T DESERVE IT, that’s serving the same belief system, it stays in that same paradigm:-
Queen Elizabeth never had to tell herself she deserves to be queen, it was her birthright, her responsibility. It just was what would be. A KNOWING.
Deserve implies you earned it, you can’t earn what is yours!
THAT all belongs to the past. Think old world. (Old wound)

Enough doesn’t claim enoughness.
Enough doesn’t claim worth.
It simply is. What it is.
Compared to. Nothing.
Enough means; enough in relation to ‘X’. NO.
It’s not feminist. It’s not a label, it’s not any label.
It is simply. Our. Freedom. To Be Who and How We Are.
Come as you are.

It’s about allowing…
It’s not about stepping up and leading (aka puff up). Or about showing. Anyone. Anything. Or Proving. Anything.

It’s about being. Being. The Divine Feminine. That you are.
Forget don’t play small. Why are you hiding? That’s dated. Outgrown. Past it’s expiration date.
It’s. Shame-Based! We’ve had enough shaming, we don’t need it.

There is no boat to rock. No rules to break.
Nothing to prove.
This is not a reaction. This is about the times.
The time is now. It’s about. Becoming.
About Love. Service. Not boundaries to separate yourself. To prove you’re a badass (aka Big Girl).
This is about the meaning of women. Of being a woman.

No ‘unapologetic’ – that lives in the old model. You said I need to ______ so now I say _______.

That’s weak.
This is Authentic Power. Authentic. Confidence. Compassion. Connection. Collaboration. Community. Creativity. Integrity. Respect.


This is about Shining. Your. Light.
The source of worthiness. The Divine Light. Generously, with grace and dignity, for the women still in the dark.
To find their way out.
To build a path for the beautiful babies, the remarkable little girl souls embarking on their journey.

This is Spiritual Business. The New Consciousness. Led by us
The #RAW Revolution #RadicallyAlignedWomen
I need you. Join the conversation. Please.

You have a #ROLE in the #RevolutionOfLoveAndEmpowerment.