You’re tired of being in a rut
Doing whatever you can to change, while nothing changes
Striving and trying, while you feel like part of you is dying
Trapped in the prison of your own head

Sick of those thoughts spinning around taunting you
That punitive voice telling you that you’re not good enough you’ll never be good enough
But you keep trying anyway

Maybe you have some outward success
But this gnawing feeling of discontent plagues you
Anxiety follows you around like your shadow

It’s time for you to be in the Light to, live in the Light, to be the Light that you are
And to shine that light so bright that others are drawn to you
Relationships blossom
And your business blooms

And you know how much you have to offer because you’ve worked through your stuff, and have gotten to the other side

You never thought it would happen – but you love yourself and feel supported by life

Peace is now your daily companion
And passion your springboard

Your body reflects the beautiful self-care that is your daily practice

You love your life