Mastery For Extraordinary Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Ready To Rise AND Lead

Mindset. Messaging. Money. Manifesting. Miracles. Mastery.

In the quiet, the stillness, at your center, you KNOW…

You’re here to make a difference.
To educate, inspire, enrich and empower women.
To create a meaningful, richly rewarding work business that moves people.

Yet you, without even realizing it, are still playing by the outdated rules of the disintegrating male paradigm.
Not fully owning your brilliance and achievements, your greatness, doubting the radical transformation you provide, despite your extensive experience and expertise. #ImposterSyndrome

Questioning whether you are, in fact, even working IN your zone of genius 

Fulfilling YOUR  purpose. Living ON PURPOSE

Because you care so damn much, you sometimes fear not being in full integrity, or ethical.
Then you get frustrated when you see those with less experience and expertise “blow up”.
Maybe you even feel guilty, or secretly ashamed, that you’re not serving and impacting, aka leading, at the level you know you’re supposed to?

You hold to a standard of excellence and won’t compromise yourself, or your values or contribute to the noisy cookie-cutter coaching culture of mediocrity. (Which, you know, isn’t really coaching.)

You’ve seen harm caused in the coaching industry. Perhaps you’ve even experienced it?
The pain, disillusion, and disappointment as a client who’s been made BIG promises.
The heartbreak. Frustration. Anger. Even debt…


I was able to open other doors of opportunity.  I booked 4 new clients, and was able to pay off ALL my debt!!   I feel amazing – and in turn, I am able to offer my clients so much more!!!

Maria Hinton

Prosperity Coach

What is “Future Hacking”?

You want nothing to do with it. So part of you holds back…
Which is fertile ground for – IMPOSTER SYNDROME.
EVERY woman I’ve ever worked with has struggled with it to one degree or another.

Besides you’re smart and sensitive enough, to not feel good about shame-based, fear-inducing marketing, no matter how well disguised it is! Lack and scarcity, competition, shaming, and fear-based business? Not for you. PERIOD.

It’s time to close the gap between how you inspire, influence and impact people today, and what you know you’re capable of contributing to the world.

The gap between your bank balance, and an income that reflects your life-changing work.

The gap between the potential you’re fulfilling.

“Her pure love permeates everything she does. And yet she is fierce. She is laser sharp, present beyond measure, and won’t let you get away with any kind of nonsense in the way of your greatness, even when you are so good at hiding it from everyone, including yourself… 
And she’s fucking brilliant.  She will over-deliver,  love you with her entire being,  crack you open and get you where you need to be.  Just work with this woman,  I promise you will not regret it.”
Dr. Jenev Caddell



It’s time for change.
For you. For our children. For our planet. For all of us.
Conscious Business. Conscious Co-Creation.
Where you profit from your truth, and everyone profits from your profits. #TheRippleEffect

Eradicating Self-Doubt, Overthinking, Overwhelm, Not feeling quite good enough….
Fine-tuning your intuition and instincts, balancing head and heart, SO YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

From undercharging, underachieving and undervaluing yourself, to catapulting yourself into a position where you embody your power,  purpose, and potential, opening to all possibilities…like;
“YES!! I’m ready!  Comfortable in my  conviction, confident, and fiercely committed  … to sell, to pitch, to be seen, to innovate, to create change, to charge appropriately, to challenge, to polarize, to disrupt, to break the rules  – to revolutionize:  to do WHATEVER I need to do in the world.”

Full transparency here.  This course is NOT for everyone. Together we will determine if you are in the right place in your business and this is the right course for you, at the right time. I want you to know that this is the best decision for you and your business that you’ve ever made. Click the button below and set up a time to chat so we can get you to the best version of you. Whether we decide this is for you, or it isn’t, I promise you’ll leave the call with valuable insight into where you are, and what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.


As a leader at the forefront of the New Divine Feminine
Creating radical transformation and raising consciousness on the planet #RAW
You are unapologetic about the value you add to the world and are clearly able to articulate it.

Become the version of yourself you need to be, to step up and lead.

We’re literally closing that gap, between where you are and where you want to be.

Between who you’re being and who you need to be…Who you came here to be.

So you’ll never doubt your value again.

You’re A Trailblazer. A Visionary. A Thought-Leader. A Change-Maker

A Champion of the Light
This is your soul contract.
Now is your time.

Full transparency here.  This course is NOT for everyone. Together we will determine if you are in the right place in your business and this is the right course for you, at the right time. I want you to know that this is the best decision for you and your business that you’ve ever made. Click the button below and set up a time to chat so we can get you to the best version of you. Whether we decide this is for you, or it isn’t, I promise you’ll leave the call with valuable insight into where you are, and what needs to happen to get you to where you want to be.

Know exactly what your next steps are, as Queen of Clarity and Abundance

Nothing less than your true self,  YOUR ESSENCE, will do. Real. #RAW Unedited.
Passionate! On fire; giving free expression to that voice deep inside you, the hunger. The calling: YOUR vision.


Results Focused

Self-identity Makeover

Reprogram The Subconscious

Acting 2.0 - Create Your New Story

My Approach

I offer an environment that is safe, sacred, professional. Yet, filled with love and compassion, inviting your #RAW truth to fully surface. Your unique essence.
It’s a judgment-free zone.

With precision and expertise, I guide you into awareness of those self-limiting beliefs that keep tripping you up, keeping you stuck in the spin-zone, time and time again.
We clear those blocks at the core, so they’re gone and you never need be taken down by them again.

I’m your bridge to your future self.
I know how to guide you home. To the fiercest, freest, richest #RAW version of you…
Because I had to do it. More than once
I had to live it. To embody it.
I had to learn what alignment really is…
To create from Flow. Ease. Grace.
I get you there:- You: Version 2.0

Here’s what you get with the course.



Ten weeks of total immersion

Interactive Private Facebook Group With Full Daily Access To Me

Weekly live group coaching

Course PDF/Workbook

Answers to all your questions in Facebook Live format

With a mentor, at your finger tips, ready to help you re-frame, re-focus, re-direct your thinking, your circumstances and the situations you encounter to empower you, your business, your life.

This is NOT another course you won’t complete! I’m invested in you #ObsessedWithYourSuccess.
You’ll come away, knowing this was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made,
and if you know me,  you’ll know, I don’t say that lightly.


I’m obsessed with your success!

Having somebody who’s as invested in your success as you are – that’s really why I do this work.
After 30 years of coaching, I have the experience and expertise, to lead you into your future. Today.

Someone who is both fearless and “fiercely loving” in empowering you to step into the next level version of you. 
Asking you the right questions, at the right time to shift your perspective so that you see differently, and suddenly,
like magic, your perception shifts.

Rather than fixing problems, you start living the solution. 

We need the #RAW #RadicallyAlignedWomen movement to move, and that can only happen
through our wealth and wisdom.
Our love. Abundant and generous and filled with grace.

Feel good. Do good.

Fulfill your purpose. Live your destiny.

I’m here to get you there, because you can’t get where you want to go, from where you are.

You can’t get there from here.

I will lead you.

Think of me as your bridge from where you are, to where you want to be.

Together, we’ll get you there.

Let’s keep you in the energy of the soulution because that’s where the floodgates of abundance open.


See you on the other side.
SJR xxx

“…I connected with pieces I didn’t even know were missing. That I didn’t even realize I had disconnected from. From a wisdom that is so intricately entwined with who I am and how I show up in the world…”
Dr. Ashlee Greer


What you teach is pure and revolutionary. You are integrity!

Kate Crocco

Mindset + Confidence Coach

Working with Susan is nothing short of mind-boggling. She uses her various, intangible senses to move you on so many levels: she’s a guide, an artist, a Godsend, a divine friend, and the embodiment of what’s real.

I truly believe that her work is what we are all longing for, probably without even being able to name it: a way to be guided securely and gently yet directly to that place we don’t want or know how to enter alone. That place that feels scary on the outside but is where all the treasure lives. That place that’s NECESSARY, not optional, to explore if you truly want to live in the present, in your truth, in integrity (through our work I’ve discovered what this really means), clearly, truly, in alignment with your purpose, gifts, and message.

Run, do not walk, to hire this woman.

Valerie Bisharat

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


What if I don’t have time! 

You know the kids, back to school, back to work, I’m already doing sooo much…

Simply put – you don’t have time not to do this! Efficiency, effective effort, conscious creation, inspired action = you + your business running optimally. You finally get the results that have been eluding you! Which will GIVE you MORE FREE TIME! Plus this will be FUN!


Okay SJR, maybe I can find the time but I’m so tired of investing!

Of course, you are! Not getting ROI sucks! I know, I’ve been there, done that.

That is not what we’re doing. I’m ALL about results. THAT is what coaching is after all (I started coaching long before it was sexy).

30 years experience in delivering real results! Don’t take my word for it (it’s an excellent idea to be discerning online!):  “…if you’re ready to root out what’s been holding you back forever and will until you deal with it for once and for all… talk to Susan. she’s literally nothing short of magic.”  Valerie Bisharat, Nutrition and Fitness Coach, Writer

Besides, authentic confidence? Priceless!


How do you access your coaching?

I’m known for over-delivering. I’m as invested in your success as you are. That’s why I do this work.
I’ll be available. You’ll have daily access to me in the group. We’ll have live coaching calls. And, trust me, if we need more calls, I’ll add them. I’m all in, which is why I need you to be too. 
Ask my clients, if a session is in progress, and we’re about to break through, the session continues. I don’t watch the clock.

I think I need more in-depth ongoing help how do I get that?

Jump on a Clarity Call with me to see if we’d make magic together in my longer 1:1 Coaching Packages.
In terms of the course, I’ll work with you. Whatever it takes. As long as you’re committed.


What’s your Refund Policy?

Let me say after 3 decades I’ve only been in a position to even consider a refund twice. One, the client said she felt she rushed into the decision. I had my assistant refund her without discussion. Six months later she came back after working with a high profile coach, without progress. And signed up. She booked clients. She created a business. 

The other, I was at a convention and discovered I couldn’t make our appointment. That’s it, in 30 years. (I’ve never “fired” a client either.