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A 3 month group program for Radically Aligned Women.


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Your chances of hitting the jackpot in the lotto are so much better than the odds of your being born.

One in 400 trillion, to be exact.

YOU are a Divine Miracle.

Inside you are gifts and treasures that are priceless! Not only that but they are unique to you alone. No one else can serve the world in the way you can. No one else can contribute what you’re here to contribute. No one else can make the difference you’re here to make.

And you KNOW you’re here to make a BIG difference. To participate in changing the world.

Are you having a hard time seeing that?

Uncertain about how to express them?

Confused about how exactly to fully own them?

Anxious about how to reveal them?

Overthinking how to communicate them?

And struggling to call in the women you know you’re here to serve?
(#TheRippleEffect lights you up big time.)

You’re draining your energy in al the wrong activities, wasting your effort. And your brilliance. Hidden from the very clients that need your genius.

You keep showing up, doing all the “right things”, but consistently leave yourself out of the picture?

What’s blocking you from not only accessing those innate gifts, but the abundance of joy, wealth and flow that you know tapping into them would bring?

I know you’ve been trying, enlisting help for years, coming up empty, drowning in self-doubt, full of uncertainty, and let’s not even mention the guilt.
You’ve invested so much time, money and energy to create a life on your terms, so you can live your passion and achieve financial freedom. Yet sometimes it feels like you’ve destroyed it.

You’re smart, but something’s not clicking.

The formula hasn’t worked for you.

You fear you’ve hurt not only yourself but your family.

So, you think you have two options:

1. give up

2. keep pushing that boulder up the hill

while you continue to spiral down your own black hole of shame.

I’m here to offer you an alternative.


To remind you of your greatest possibility, and to show you how to create it.

My purpose is to help you excavate, unearth and expose your hidden treasures so that you shine as the diamond you are.

I’ll help you step into your power so that you can have an even greater impact, income and influence with the work that you do, while having even more of yourself left for you and your loved ones.

Whether it’s through eliminating blocks you couldn’t see, limiting beliefs, subconscious programing or not quite tapping in to their exact zone of genius.

I found radical alignment to my truth and I’ll you align to yours too.

28 years later doing this work, as a master coach trained in too many modalities to mention, my intuition and laser beam ability to hone in on exactly what’s blocking you from radical alignment has only sharpened. This sharp intuitive sixth sense enables me to root out whatever is in the way of your Truth, so that it’s gone, dealt with and you become radically aligned.

My clients describe our work as “magic.” I have a knack for reading their minds and unveiling their potential, putting my finger on exactly what they’re meant for.

When you emerge as a radically aligned woman #RAW from those layers of hiding, you flourish and become a force. A force that sets your soul on fire, a fire so bright that it’s an example to other women, and creates a ripple effect, a tidal wave of truthful, loyal, grounded, spiritual and powerful women out in the world making a tremendous impact.

Living in my Truth is what made my life worth living; I am here for you to do the same. As a Radically Aligned Woman.

It’s time. Time for you. Time to be Radically Aligned.



Susan pushed my buttons, she challenged me – her words gave me the backbone to speak MY truth.

By being able to let go, I was able to open other doors of opportunity. I booked 4 new clients, and was able to pay off ALL my debt!!

Maria C. Hinton

Possibilitarian & Prosperity Coach


Join an intimate group of Radically Aligned Women to uncover your Divine purpose, hone in on your zone of genius and #RAW essence to reveal your authentic mindset, messaging & marketing, whilst re-writing your money story.

You’ll be creating influence, impact and income.





My guarantee to you


Means exactly that. No explanation. No rationalization. Do the work. Show up. My team & I will be with you UNTIL you get a return on your investment.



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Conscious Creation. Conscious Business - Income. Influence. Impact.

When experience, expertise, and excellence align with values and vision the sky’s the limit.

(Not really, our minds are.)