Welcome to The Soulution Podcast hosted by Coach, Mindset-Master, and empower-er of women, the lovely Susan-Jane Rome.  Susan-Jane knows you’ve been keeping your dreams buried under what you “have” to do. She wants to help you retrieve that dream and meet it! Unlike other coaches who are in the game just for the money, Susan-Jane is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and putting real money in your pockets! She knows all about negative self-talk and the disparaging thoughts that can bounce around in your head, but Susan-Jane will prove to you that you are more than enough, more than talented, and your purpose is divine. The host of the Raw Magic Podcast (link below), Susan is well attuned to helping women break out of their shells and accomplish what they’re meant to! Pour a drink and settle in with SRJ. Join the conversation.

In this episode, SJR begins by expressing her excitement and gratitude of being invited into your world.  She goes on to explain that your life matters and you have a special set of gifts that are essential to the world. SRJ says we don’t need more information. We need a different conversation! She goes on to describe growing up and living in South Africa during the Apartheid era. She discusses a greeting in Zulu, sowabona, that when taken in properly means we acknowledge each other’s person and souls. She believes that this greeting holds the key. According to SJR marketing, visibility, selling, our businesses strips dignity out of the process a lot of the time. You are a purpose driven woman and perhaps the reason that things have not aligned for you is because you’re not living in the most genuine way. We need to stop asking questions we don’t want the answers to. Don’t ask how someone is doing unless you’re truly ready to listen and see that person as a whole being and soul.

Rarely do people in conversation say ‘I understand’ and mean it. Not often do we ask questions because we’re willing to admit we don’t understand and we want to. In this space, we acknowledge each other and want to grow closer. This requires us to put aside our own goals and agendas to be fully present when another is speaking . . . so that we can truly see them.  We can become very self-involved and wonder why we are not being heard, seen, or acknowledged. This could be why the response to ‘sowabona’ is ‘Ngikhona’ which means: I am here. I stand before you with my needs, my dreams, my dreams, my fear, and my love . . . my heart, soul, and story.

SJR explains that the Zulu have a philosophy called Ubuntu which translates to I am because we are. They believe that a person is a person because of others. In that context Ngikhona, it holds an amazing appreciation: I did not exist until you saw me. It is imperative that we embody. Remember when we are truly seen there is a love and joy that is unlike anything else. When you are in the spotlight and you can’t see anyone else the answer is Ngikhona: I am here. Don’t be a noisy person simply boasting.

We are the new Devine Feminine: creating a new paradigm together.

“We have all this technology and my heart can chat with your heart.”

“At the risk of sounding trite,but I mean it, you matter! Your life matters!”

“Your life is in no way and accident or a mistake.”

“Each of us is here to contribute in our own indispensable way.”

“You are an integral part of our collective unfolding.”

“In Zulu, there is a greeting. They say, ‘Sawubona’, meaning I see you.”

“People listen to respond. They’re not listening to understand.”

“In the information age, listening is a bit of a dying art. I’m on a mission to bring it back.”

“Until you saw me I didn’t exist. By recognizing me you brought me into existence.”

“When you’re in the spotlight, you are blinded by the lights and you can’t see anyone else.”

“I have an interest in us creating a new paradigm together. Something that is worthy of our legacy.”

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” –  Anais Nin

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