Welcome to The Soulution Podcast hosted by the revolutionary, wise, visionary, coach, therapist, and healer Susan-Jane Rome. Susan-Jane is an entrepreneur herself and has been a praised coach for twenty-five years working successful entrepreneurs, coaches, and artists who need help breaking out. You are a woman who is seeking to get unstuck and make your business successful, but if you are in love with you . . . how can your business do well? Isn’t your business . . . you? Join The New Divine Feminine: honoring your roles as nurturers, collaborators, connect with kindred spirits, awaken brilliant aliveness/awareness, harness our creative energies, let go of not feeling worthwhile, and take the courage to speak from your heart. Susan-Jane can help you with this and so much more. Take a deep, cleansing breath. Assess yourself and your true wants for success. Join the conversation.

In this episode, Susan-Jane explains creating a new paradigm.  Susan shares one of her favorite sayings: You can’t get there from here. What does she mean?

  • Each of us here looking to make a difference in the world, are here to contribute in our own unique way. Each of us has something to deliver to the world.
    • You may not know what you’re here to contribute . . . yet
    • References the book Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke
      • We need to create space for the answers to reveal themselves
      • We need to leave space for the muse, divine guidance
  • We have to know where we are
    • If you’re meeting up for dinner with someone and they ask where you are. The question you ask them, to guide them to you, is, “Where are you.”
    • Let go of the need to impress and taking inventory of exactly where you are
      • Assets, strengths, weaknesses
      • Where do you  give yourself a hard time
      • Where do you get in my way
      • Where do you block yourself
      • Where do you find yourself in flow
      • Where do you feel most empowered
      • What is your truth?

Susan-Jane talks about how most of the time with clients when they can see what is getting in their way. They want to know how to get rid of it!

  • We don’t get rid of what we disapprove of or what we’re judging because we’re caught up in a tug of war with those things. (I’m critical of myself. I’m going to stop criticizing myself. But already I’m criticizing myself for criticizing myself.)
    • What you resist persists – acceptance and respect is the answer
    • Honor and respect what has made you, you in this moment.
    • Dignify your process
    • Comment if you’re feeling alone or disparaged. SJR wants this community to be a safe haven for women to guide each other.

Susan-Jane gives a challenge and its purpose is acceptance of yourself!

  • Where are you?
  • Who are you?
  • What beliefs are governing you?
  • What feelings are habitual to you?
  • What are relationship patterns

Susan-Jane explains she was the queen of beating herself up and said to herself, “Susan, if beating yourself up worked, wouldn’t you be different by now. You’ve been doing it for years.” And it caused her pause.

“You can’t get there from here.”

“The education system is still a spin-off of the whole industrial era.”

“The internet has changed everything.”

“Learn to love the questions themselves.”

“Inherent in the problem is the solution, always.”

“I never solved one of my problems through the process of rational thought.” – Albert Einstein

“What is my truth, not what society has conditioned, or what we’ve learned from our parents. The truth of who we are and what we’re here to do?”

“In acceptance, your energy shifts and that creates an opening for the answers or the solution or the next step to reveal itself.”

“If you’re feeling out of sorts, alone, frustrated, overwhelmed, even misunderstood or lost I want you to know you are loved and being taken care of. If you feel alone that doesn’t mean you are alone.”

“I had to learn that feelings aren’t facts.”

“Embrace your brilliance.”

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