You are here because you are invested in transformation, seeking guidance and sisterhood. That sisterhood is The Soulution podcast, hosted by the compassionate, empathic, coach, therapist, and all-around healer Susan-Jane Rome. Susan-Jane approaches coaching in a serene, but honest way. Her gentle spirit and heart will guide you and her take no prisoners attitude will inspire you. She wants you to join in to usher through The New Divine Feminine because the old paradigm is dying. Your soul is ready. Are you? Susan-Jane is going to help you get out of your own way so you can create and contribute as you have been called to do.

In this episode, Susan-Jane touches on the last episode “You can’t get there from here.” She begins to talk about the subconscious programming of our minds. The subconscious has stored every event that we have experienced. Scientists studied the subconscious mind and found five brain waves, listed below. Until we are six years old we remain in the Theta stage. Susan-Jane explains this means messages that we received at that young age take root. These often become our limiting beliefs.

  • Alpha waves
  • Delta waves
  • Beta waves
  • Theta waves
    • State of hypnosis
    • Incredibly receptive
    • Impressionable
    • Absorbable sponge
    • No filter
  • Gamma waves

The online community is noisy, full of opinions, sales pitches, and information. Being our fully actualized self means we must continue learning and employ rational thoughts. Make the correct decisions regarding pricing and products/services. We believe that the conscious mind will resolve these issues for us. 95% of all decisions are made by the subconscious mind. The motherboard (subconscious mind) is set.

What are your beliefs? Look at your current results tells us:

  • Struggling to make money or sign up clients
    • Risk negative thoughts: thinking you are not good enough, your services aren’t good enough, your skill set isn’t good enough . . .
      • Your subconscious may have a different agenda than what you consciously desire (cognitive dissonance)
      • Subconscious will always win
      • Failure to change those beliefs will fail to change results
  • The Gap
    • Where you are and where you want to be
    • Who you are and who you want to be
    • What you’re trying to create and the manifestation of it
  • Fear of success?
    • For women, it is a fear of our power
    • Fear of being alone
    • Fear of change
    • Imposter syndrome or feeling like a fraud

Know where you’re at so you know where to go! Susan-Jane explains that our belief system or programming is like the water the fish swims in. This is the only way we have been able to see and explain the world. You can’t get somewhere by focusing on not being there. What can we do? Susan-Jane gives an example that she is a person who is not good at technology and wants to start a podcast. Her belief that technology is a problem for her will cause anxiety and cautious behavior. This may cause her to hold off doing this because she feels inadequate which will give her the result that feeds back into her result that technology is a problem for her. A feedback loop.

Susan-Jane invites you to think this thought and say aloud: I am clearly on my way to success.

The energy behind that thought and verbalizing it lifts us. It gives birth to a powerful though that leads to the result that we’re clearly after. The solution is in the challenge.

We must careful of the thoughts we have because we can change them and upon making these habits re-create our subconscious mind.

“We can not solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it” – Einstein

“Because of the subconscious running the show and you not seeing the results that you want, you give that your attention.”

“What you think about, you bring about.”

“We have been conditioned to believe in scarcity.”

“Our brain’s number one purpose is to keep us alive. Our evolution taught us from way back in the cave days: fight and flight. Change is danger.”

“In pursuit of excellence, not perfection.”

“This society has conditioned us to fix the past.”

“We don’t see the world as it is. We see it as we are.” – Anais Nin

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