Welcome to The Soulution podcast. Your weekly coffee date to enlighten your soul with host Susan-Jane Rome. During each episode of The Soulution, Susan’s heart will speak to your heart. She has been in the healing business for thirty years. Both bubbly and serious Susan will speak on a variety of topics in the hopes that something she says will resonate with and encourage or inspire you. She always shows up.

In this Episode, Susan explores what is meaningful to us, as women, in this moment? She touches on several key points:

  • Surviving the Trump Era
  • Surviving conditioning that has taught us to comply
  • “Be a good girl”
  • Prioritizing ourselves
  • Editing ourselves
    • Caution

Susan shares a story about when she was a little girl. She says she was called geeky for approaching people and asking them to be her friend. She realized:

  • It was incredibly important to her journey that she maintain a certain level of innocence in the world
    • We can become cynical and build walls around ourselves and our hearts
    • We can be conscious and hold sacred the feelings of awe and wonder
  • Good girl encoding is deep in our DNA
    • Even rebellion against this is just a reaction to it
    • Sacrificing our dreams, our needs, not to create waves

Listen for Susan’s explanation of reconciliation of these things, by showing up and being authentic. Susan says she’s always been a visionary leader and she catches herself wanting to downplay her imaginational wisdom. This is because of the training we get as children. Within the male paradigm, the world is a hostile place because we are not able to bring femininity and intuition into it.  Susan inspires with her words about a friendly, not hostile, universe that surrounds us and supports us when we’re aligned.

“The most important question a person can ask: Is the universe a kind place?”

“My intuition is my GPS.”

“Everything happens for us.”

“Listen to the message that’s come out of my mess.”

“We are reluctant to put ourselves out there because it doesn’t feel safe . . . somehow.”

“The word ‘nice’ originally meant foolish.”

“We are made to carry life.”

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