Welcome to the Solution podcast hosted by Susan-Jane Rome.This weekly podcast will serve as a coffee-date with your soul.  SJR has been inspiring and elevating strong, intelligent, entrepreneurial, businesswomen, like you for three decades. She has a sharp wit and gentle soul that is fuel by her true desire: empowering women, growing their income, and not allowing you to compromise yourself in order to get there. Susan-Jane will share her unique perspectives (gained through thirty years of experience), uncanny instincts, and common-sense solutions in a world where common-sense isn’t so common. You want to live your soul’s purpose. You will be encouraged, educated, and inspired.

In this episode, SJR speaks about the treasures inside us buried deep under conditioning and culturalization. There is an inherent fear of digging deep, but we must uncover ourselves. Thinking about “the right way” distracts from what your soul is begging you to take note of. Disregard the “should do” or “should be” and deliver what is unique to you. Blame, guilt, and shame have no place here. SJR understands it can be scary to go to these types of depths, but it is necessary for us to create.  SRJ insists that we mustn’t compare. We can only believe in what we do and rely on our intuition.


“All treasures are buried.”

“You have untold treasures inside you. You have to dig deep.”

“Many times I have needed a mentor to hold me by the hand.”

“Alignment is so necessary.”

“We all have a purpose.”

“Your intuition is whispers of your soul.”


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