From New York City via South Africa where she grew up, SJR has been empowering and aligning women for 3 decades! After being an actor in South Africa, she moved to New York to pursue mastery of her craft. During that process, she uncovered a great deal about the human condition, psychology and physical alignment. In this episode, SJR leads us through a visualization exercise that will leave your mouth watering. She also describes the power that comes with visualizing, and the reprogramming effect it can have on our subconscious mind. Join us for another Soulution


  • Why being an actor made more sense than law school
  • The mind is a fascinating place
  • The connection between the conscious and subconscious self
  • The power of visualization, and “standing in your kitchen”


“I’ve always loved mastery”

“As an actor, we had to have a clean canvas”

“We consciously have the power to reprogram our unconscious”

“The unconscious will always win”

“Our bodies don’t know the difference between real and imagined”

“We need to step up”


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