Is fear a big issue for you? What are you really afraid of? What is underneath all of the things you shy away from? The answer is pain. We spend a lot of our lives avoiding painful things, and the longer we do, the more it builds up inside of us, creating turmoil in our lives. Things like anger, anxiety, addiction, are all unpleasant byproducts of avoiding the pain we’re afraid to experience. Yet if we just felt the pain we were meant to experience, we could begin to heal, become strong, and even move on to be better. Whole again. Home.


  • If fear is the big thing, then what are we afraid of?
  • Hitting the bottom to heal from the bottom
  • Why “just getting over it” isn’t the answer
  • When we turn to addiction to numb out the pain we’re avoiding


“Keeping your word has got to include your word to yourself”

“I have to matter as much as the people I love”

“The more we deny our pain, the more we affirm for ourselves that we are not worthwhile”

“What is the pain you’re in that the addiction is serving to numb out?”