What if instead of girls learning to compete with each other, and compare themselves to another, we taught them to love and appreciate each other fiercely?

And how exactly to direct that love towards themselves.

To connect and communicate and build community.

What if, instead of girls learning to strive for male attention, recognition, we taught them to value each other with unwavering loyalty?

And so encounter their value. Their worth.

To freely and generously encourage and uplift and inspire each other. To be part of the support structure.

What if instead of them learning to judge out of shame, we taught them the importance of acceptance?

And so to experience self-acceptance.

To default to tolerance and compassion and empathy.

What if instead of teaching their delicate souls to measure themselves against an external gauge, and by default to feel like they don’t measure up, they’re never enough, we taught them to treasure their internal world?

And so to listen to their feelings and emotions.

To trust their intuition and their journey.

And what if, oh what if, instead of teaching these beauties to hate their bodies and fear it’s potential womanly betrayal – bleeding, sexuality, fat, unwanted pregnancy, abuse … ?

We taught them to honor the wisdom of their bodies and peacefully live in that true home safely in touch with their needs and desires and instincts.

To feel safe and vulnerable with trust and innocence and awe in tact.

What a wonderful different world this would be!