I received this text from a client this evening.

“I think I’m finally getting that I take my body for granted (you said it again a week ago)”.

She’s a high-powered executive, dealing daily with millions of dollars in budgets for the entertainment industry. I’ve been trying to communicate this to her for several years. I’ve worded it differently, in different ways at different times. No way that she could really hear it, and understand that it wasn’t about blame or self-incrimination but rather responsibility for self. She then developed breast cancer and we worked through that. She is still cancer free today.That attempt of her bodies to communicate with her, that it was being neglected and overlooked, taken for granted, still wasn’t enough.

We in the West, tend to live from the neck up, in our heads.

Denying the reality of our bodies, medicating away it’s attempts to get our attention and communicate to us through Symptoms. We’d rather just take a pill and commit to the belief that that is all we need to do. It’s not!

We need to inhabit our bodies, be in touch with our bodies, our emotions which reside in the body. Our hearts, which have an intelligence of their own and will guide us if we let them.

She was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – MS. and the hope was that this would be the wake-up call. But rather she viewed it as a call to  action, to depend on external authorities and still not go within or commit to real self-care. To learning to love herself. (She is a very loving woman and a great Mom, and takes care of everyone else as well as showing up for her high-powered job. This is true of too many women. Who believe prioritizing themselves is selfish and so don’t take the time or make the effort.)

So we’ve been working with her symptoms and kept them under “control”.
Which is ironic because control is part of the issue. Controlling how others see us, controlling how we feel, controlling what we are willing to see and deal with. Control the God-child of fear. How does control control your life? And what can you do to let go of it.

Let water be your guide.

Effortlessly it always ends up where it wants to. It flows. It doesn’t understand resistance. It can’t be captured in a closed hand, it can only trickle through open fingers. Gently it arrives at its destination.

Practice being gentle with yourselves, allowing yourself to just be in the moment even though you may know where you want to end up.

You can’t push the river. You can only float downstream.

The path of least resistance always feels best. And feeling good is always desired, being you on every level and bringing into being that which you most desire. Manifesting your hearts desires. Bless your path of ease and grace, of least resistance. We always get there, she did!

And don’t be afraid to sing your praises.

I salute and celebrate you.